Archive 8

Where did I save that file? Archive catalogs the contents of your removable media and devices such as CDs, DVDs, Flash Memory Drives, HDs, etc. so you can quickly find the information you are looking for even when those devices are no longer connected to your Mac.

Current Version: 8.0
Requires macOS 10.7 - 10.14.6

Currently Unavailable

Important info about Archive and macOS 10.15+


Key Features

Fast & efficient catalog engine

Archive rapidly catalogs and efficiently stores information about the contents of any device or folder you select.

Quick searching

Find files from a catalog, group, or all your catalogs by name or extension or create powerful custom searches.

Catalog update & naming

If you select an existing device or folder to catalog, Archive offers to catalog it with a new name or update it.

Multi-column browsing

Can’t remember what you called a file? Archive lets you easily browse through your catalog contents.

Organize your catalogs

Create groups so you can quickly find the catalog you want to browse or limit your search to.

Detailed info

Archive stores and displays file names, locations, creation & modification dates, size, and labels.

Sidebar for easy access

Archive provides a central location to select and filter your catalogs & groups and access your searches.

File launching

Found what you were looking for? Connect the device and Archive can attempt to launch it for you.*

Archive 7 automatic data import

Archive verifies and imports your catalogs & searches into a new efficient format when you first open the app.

Built on Framework 4

Many of the features in this app are made possible thanks to my framework project. More >

* For Archive to launch a file, you must have an app on your Mac capable of opening it.