YENCO.COM & The Environment

How does a small software company become more environmentally friendly?


100% online delivery of my software means zero manufacturing, packaging, or transportation impact and all Mac App Store payments are made electronically, eliminating paper checks and transportation costs.

My apps (ArchiveFinance, and iKeeper) reduce my need to keep track of stuff on paper in addition to the iOS Notes app and Apple Pencil which has virtually eliminated paper from my app development workflow.

YENCO.COM runs entirely on Apple products which outperform the strictest global energy efficiency standards, meet the latest Energy Star requirements and have achieved gold ratings from EPEAT. The products use arsenic-free glass, mercury-free LED backlighting, are brominated flame retardant and PVC-free.

YENCO.COM saves electricity with the use of four independently controlled lighting zones using LED lighting products made from non-toxic, mercury-free materials. Two primary zones using just 42 watts of electricity each and two secondary zones using just 76 watts each when a brighter environment is temporarily needed.


I have virtually eliminated paper use, but on very rare occasions it is still necessary for me to print pages of code to go through. In such cases, a double-sided print option is used when practical, and if not, the paper is saved and the back used for notes, interface idea sketches, etc.

As I upgrade to newer Apple products, I try to find a good home for old ones where they can continue to serve a useful function.


After printed pages have served their purpose or have been reused as much as possible, they are shredded and put out for local recycling pickup along with any other paper materials.

Apple products are made of highly recyclable materials such as aluminum and glass. When they finally come to the end of their useful function they are submitted to the Apple Renew program.