Framework 4

The Yenco Framework SuperCard project puts common code and interface elements into a single support structure that enables me to focus on creating application-specific features when writing software and not on reinventing the wheel. This allows me to spend my time working on “what it does” vs. “how it works”. This also means that changes can be made to any shared features in the Framework project and then quickly applied to all of my apps built on top of it.

Current Version: 4.0
Requires macOS 10.7 or later


Important information regarding macOS Catalina 10.15 and beyond

Key Features

Mac App Store compliance

The Framework project follows all the latest app submission rules from Apple (no reg codes, letting the App Store manage updates, sandboxing, etc.)

Control Manager

In addition to existing support for macOS controls in SuperCard, Framework adds an extensive library of custom font-based icon controls.


Framework provides “spell as you type” checking and context-click menu suggestions for select data entry fields in addition to an interface for checking any active field.

File Security

Framework provides access to advanced OpenSSL Blowfish encryption routines in macOS to ensure that any password protected data is safe and secure.

Optimized for speed

Everything has been optimized to run fast and efficiently. During long tasks, it can even record performance data in the checkpoint log to ensure things are running smoothly.


Framework has a full featured built-in database engine and a collection of carefully crafted functions for efficiently storing, indexing and rapidly retrieving data.

Powerful search palette

Framework has an incredibly simple, yet flexible, interface to conduct basic searches or construct advanced custom searches which can be saved for single-click lookups.


The built-in help interface enables you to browse topics from a contents sidebar or quickly filter the topics as you type in the search field to find the answers you need.


Framework has a built-in interface to send feedback and crash reports. A checkpoint log of key points in the code can also be attached which may be useful in fixing bugs.

List Manager

Framework includes a highly adaptable custom-built list manager that supports a wide variety of different display formats with just a few properties and virtually no scripting. Everything from simple column lists, to sidebars and far beyond. The lists also include mouse and trackpad scrolling, alternating color bars, item double-click, arrow key navigation, page control navigation and fast data-grouping functions with docked headers.

Reference Guide

This handy 75+ page iBook describes the project in detail from controls, to lists, to windows, to commands & functions, to externals and other resources.