iKeeper 5

iKeeper enables you to keep track of your internet passwords & user names, product registration codes & warranty information, and more!

Current Version: 5.0
Requires macOS 10.7  - 10.14.6

Currently Unavailable

Important info about iKeeper, macOS 10.15, password protection, and more...


Key Features

Password info

Keep track of site links, user names, passwords, expiration dates, and more!

Product info

Keep track of purchase dates, warranties, serial numbers, contact info, and more!

Switch views

Selecting between seeing all your password or all your product data is as easy as flipping a switch.

List options

Quickly copy or reveal hidden data from the currently selected line in the password or product list view.

Status indicators

Tell which passwords or warranties have expired, are about to expire, or are still in effect at-a-glance.

Quick searching

Find password or product data by any text or create powerful custom searches.

Space saving search bar

Quick access to the search palette and your searches is across the bottom of the iKeeper window.


Insert relevant address data from your contacts directly into iKeeper records with just a click or two.


Edit labels, hide sensitive data in list views, and set the alert period to warn you of pending expirations.

Password protection

iKeeper lets you encrypt all of your password and product data with a single password.

iKeeper 4 automatic data import

iKeeper imports your passwords, product info & searches into a new efficient format when you first open the app.

Built on Framework 4

Many of the features in this app are made possible thanks to my framework project. More >