Yenco 5

One of the biggest challenges is finding the time to write software and not getting tied down in important but inefficient daily operations. In 2003, I wrote an app to help manage and streamline day-to-day tasks here at YENCO.COM and through the years I've continued to refine it

Current Version: 5.0.3

Key Features


This app automatically imports customer feedback*. It also imports downloaded Mac App Store sales report data with just one click and keeps track of the countries purchasing my apps.

Built on Framework 3

Many of the features in this app are made possible thanks to my framework project and any improvements made benefit all my other products as well. More >


This section features a threaded view of all messages*, the ability to zoom a message to a larger view, lets me make notes, insert saved responses to common questions and reply directly or with the Mail app.


This section enables me to keep track of shareware and Mac App Store sales so I know what financial resources are available and can allocate development resources accordingly.