Finance 7

Money management made easy. Finance helps you to keep track of your bank accounts and manage your budget.

Current Version: 7.0.5
Requires macOS 10.6 or later

Key Features

Manage your accounts

Finance helps you keep track of your checking,s avings and credit card accounts.

Budget distribution

Money added into your holding account can be automatically applied to your budget.

Cash flow

Save time by crediting another account automatically within a debit transaction.

Account import

Quickly import all account and transaction data from your old Finance 5 & 6 files.

Create a budget

Set up funds and assign rules that deduct an amount or percent from your deposits.

Itemize lists

Enter and automatically total multiple items within any credit or debit transaction.

Sidebar for easy access

Finance provides a central location for accounts, saved searches, and balance information.


Set up custom credit and debit descriptions as well as labels for your transactions.

Repeating transactions

Save time by entering recurring transactions once and setting them to automatically repeat.

Quick searching

Find any text in one or all of your accounts as you type or create custom searches.

Check it out

Easily reconcile your account balance with your bank statement by checking off cleared transactions.

Built on Framework 3

Many of the features in this app are made possible thanks to my framework project. More >